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Welcome to Don Henrico’s Community!

This page will allow you to register your name to become a part of Don Henrico’s family. You will consistently receive updates from promotional activities to every event in which Don Henrico’s will be engaged.

Don Henrico’s restaurants are always warm, comfortable, casual, and unpretentious. Family-style dining is our trademark. Everyone gets to dig into the hefty servings laid on the table. The feasting is always accompanied by pleasant chatter and stories. And when the smoke clears, quite a number of people are amazed to see that there is food to spare! The servers readily pack these up for the guests to bring home.

With Don Henrico’s, value is emphasized, and it comes with the GREAT-TASTING food, the BIG SERVINGS and the HAPPY AMBIANCE.

Don Henrico’s always serves up VALUE FEASTS!

To register, please fill-up all required information and enjoy being part of Don Henrico’s family!


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